Principal Investigator

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Research Associate

Utilizing and developing a robust targeted delivery system of therapeutic siRNA


Research Associate

Developing novel siRNA delivery systems for in vivo cancer treatment


Research Associate 

Nanomedicine for treating B-cells malignecies


Research Associate



Research Associate

Targeted delivery of siRNA therapeutics for the treatment of HIV & cancer


Postdoctoral fellow

Precise engineering of versatile targeted nanoparticles for therapeutic intervention in resistant ovarian cancer 


Postdoctoral fellow 

Hyaluronan-coated lipid nanoparticles: physicochemical, structural and immunological considerations for optimized drug carriers


Postdoctoral fellow

Synthesis of ionizable lipids and test for biological importance 


Postdoctoral fellow

Evaluation of differential targets for targeted therapy of chemo-resistant ovarian cancer


Ph.D. Student

Cancer stem cells in epithelial ovarian cancer


Ph.D. Student

Nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery


Ph.D. Student

Harnessing targeted nanotheranostics to reprogram activated leukocytes in inflammatory bowel disease


Ph.D. Student

Characterization of lymphocyte derived exosomes and their potential use as drug delivery system


Ph.D. Student

Harnessing RNAi nanomedicines for therapeutic gene silencing in Glioblastoma Multiforme


Ph.D. Student

Developing SNALP-based system for mRNA delivery


 M.Sc. Student

 Regulation of mRNA expression delivered by LNPs