The Division of Foreign Languages offers courses in pre-basic, basic, intermediate and advanced levels. The courses are geared toward improving English reading and other academic skills to enable students to successfully complete University language requirements and function competently in the academic and professional world.
In the advanced English courses, English for Special Purposes is taught using authentic material and assignments related to particular areas of study. There are several different advanced classes in this program, such as English for the Health Sciences, Law, Humanities, Arts, Exact Sciences, Social Work, Social Sciences, Engineering, etc.
The final date for fulfilling English language requirements is determined by the individual faculties (as appears in their separate catalogs).

Exemption from English Language Requirements

Candidates are exempt from studying English if:

  • They hold an academic degree from an accredited Israeli university or college
  • They have studied in an English-speaking high school (grades 11 and 12) in an English speaking country
  • They have studied at a university where the language of instruction was English in an English speaking country

NOTE: A degree from a college in Israel affiliated with a foreign university DOES NOT grant students exemption from Tel Aviv University English requirements.

English Placement Test

Placement is determined by scores on the psychometric examination or on the AMIR exam.

Psychometric Score


1 – 84 Pre-basic A
85 – 99 Pre-basic B
100 – 119 Basic
120 – 133 Lower Advanced
134 + Exempt

NOTE: AMIR scores are 100 points higher than psychometric scores.
Scores for all placement tests are valid for a period of ten years.

Registration - English

Fees - English

Summer Courses

The Division offers a variety of intensive English courses on several levels during the summer. Placement is determined by the Psychometric or Amir score, or by authorization from a recognized institution. Summer courses are taught by the same professional staff as during the academic year.

First session

Registration: around the third week in June
Courses: July – August

Second session

Registration: around second week in August
Courses: August – September

Contact the office for specific dates.

Courses in Academic Writing in English for Graduate Students

  • Academic Writing for PhD Students in the Arts and Humanities
  • Technical Writing for MSC-Engineering Students

These courses are specially designed to serve the writing and oral presentation needs of students in specific disciplines who are doing research and are required to publish papers and participate in international conferences. Students meet with the teacher both in small groups and individually to learn and practice the principles of effective writing and to get feedback on their work. Video, PowerPoint and other technological tools are used to enhance the writing and presenting process. Most students write about their current research and produce authentic work in a variety of genres: abstracts;  research articles; grant proposals;  chapters of theses;  progress reports; oral presentations; academic correspondence/email, e.g., to editors of journals.

English for Business Administration

(Executive MBA Program – Faculty of Management)

This course prepares students to meet the English language requirements for the Executive MBA Program by helping them improve their ability to read authentic professional/academic texts in the field of Business Administration. Some of the topics of these texts include: multicultural issues in international business, leadership training, emotional intelligence and management. Students also employ their listening, speaking and writing skills to activate the process of reading.

Participants work in small groups as well as individually to accomplish the following general objectives:

  • Improve reading and writing in English for academic purposes
  • Increase speed of reading
  • Expand general academic and specialized business vocabulary
  • Explore genres used in Executive MBA studies
  • Acquire "strategic reading" – reading for different purposes
  • Use English to critically analyze current issues in management
  • Use the Internet as a resource for reading and research
  • Practice oral presentation skills, including use of technological aids

CLE - Center for Language Excellence invites you to improve your English writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills for academic and professional purposes.

We offer individualized sessions with experienced tutors. Tutors address your personal strengths and challenges, empowering you to improve your language performance at all levels.