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Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Center books published in partnership with various publishers:

* These books can only be purchased through their publishing house distributors rather than through the Center
(via the links provided for each book).

A Journey through Civilization

Author: Minna Rozen

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The Land of Israel and the Jewish People in the Spiritual Life of Medieval Russia

Author: Joel Raba

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The Final Decade of the Stalin Regime, 1944–1953

Author: Leonid Smilovitsky

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The Role and Meaning of Artifacts and Visual Images

Series: Studia Rosenthaliana, Volume 45 (2014)

Editors: Naomi Feuchtwanger-Sarig, Mark Irving, Emile Schrijver

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Editors: Françoise S. Ouzan, Manfred Gerstenfeld

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Author: Shlomo Simonsohn

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Burial and Mourning Customs Among Jews of Europe and Nearby Communities

Series: Studia Judaica 78 Rethinking Diaspora 1

Editors: Stefan C. Reif, Andreas Lehanardt, Aviriel Bar-Lehav

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New Book by Prof. Liviu Rotman

A new book by Prof. Rotman, entitled The Romanian Kehillah: The Pulse, Character, and History of the Jewish Community in Romania, has just been published by Tel Aviv University.

Michael Available on JSTOR

Over the last year, the Center has worked in cooperation with the National Library of Israel and JSTOR to provide full-text, online access to all volumes of Michael.

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Historical Lexicon of the Jews in Italy

This lexicon covers the history of all the Jewish communities in Italy, from the Roman era through the Emancipation, and is intended for use by scholars and students, as well as interested members of the public.