Jewish Soldiers in World War II

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During World War II more than 1.5 million Jews participated in the fight against Nazi Germany as soldiers in the armies of the nations in which they lived. This fascinating phenomenon of Jewish history – the recruitment and service of Jewish soldiers across a number of countries – is ripe for critical investigation. In December 2014 the Center held an international conference on the subject with the participation of leading scholars in the field from Israel, Europe and North America. As Derek Penslar – a participant in the conference who presented the keynote address – has written in his seminal book Jews and the Military, “The Jewish soldier in the Diaspora deserves to be rescued from oblivion and subjected to serious historical study”. This new project proposes to do just that. As a result of the conference and its surrounding publicity, the Center has received a significant amount of archival materials from individuals whose family members served as soldiers in World War II. It is the intention of this project to organize these materials and upload them to a searchable online database so that they will be accessible to scholars and students in the field, as well as interested members of the public. 

Researcher: Dr. Galit Haddad

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Updates Regarding the Opening of Mehlmann Library under the "Purple Badge" Regulations

In keeping with the "Purple Badge" regulations, visits to the library must be requested and approved in advance.

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Symposium in memory of Prof. Shlomo Simonsohn z"l - postponed

The Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Center wishes to update that the Symposium in memory of Prof. Shlomo Simonsohn z"l has been postponed.

A new date will be published soon


Symposium: The Vision of the Zionist Settlement of Bulgarian Jews in Israel (1895 – 1955)

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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