The Jews of Turkey and the Balkans and Ladino Culture

Project Director: Prof. Minna Rozen


Tel: 04-8240560

Researchers: Dr. Ruth Lamdan, Prof. Tova Beeri

The goal of the project is to initiate and implement research and any other academic activity that contributes to research on the Jewish communities of the Balkans and Ladino culture. In the past year, it has been decided that this project will return to full activity, and studies in its framework will be initiated and encouraged.

The goal of this project is to initiate and implement research and other academic activities that contribute to research on the Jewish communities of the Balkans and Ladino culture.

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The Center is building an online database of Jewish cemeteries in Turkey based on data collected by Prof. Rozen over the course of many years of research. Her collection includes over 100,000 photos of 60,000 gravestones from all over Turkey, dating from the sixteenth through twentieth centuries. This data will provide a unique portrait of the Jewish community living in Turkey during the sixteenth to twentieth centuries. Over the past year, the structure of the website has been built and nearly sixty percent of the photographs have been rescanned at high quality for inclusion on the website. In addition, Prof. Rozen prepared introductory texts on each of the different cemeteries and their histories, and these texts have been translated to English.

Researcher: Dr. Ruth Lamdan

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By the Rivers of Babylon - New Book by Prof. Aharon Oppenheimer

A new book by Prof. Aharon Oppenheimer, entitled By the Rivers of Babylon: Perspectives on the History of Talmudic Babylonia, has been published by the Zalman Shazar Center.

Gal-Ed, Volume 25

Gal-Ed: On the History and Culture of Polish Jewry, has been published by Tel Aviv University.

Michael Available on JSTOR

Through cooperation with the National Library of Israel and JSTOR, the Center is pleased to provide full-text, online access to all volumes of Michael: On the History of Jews in the Diaspora.

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