Tuesday, March 21st, 2017
Auditorium 011, Engineering Class Room Building,
Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv University

This is a joint workshop of the National Institute of Optics in Italy, INO (CNR) and Tel-Aviv University, to present and discuss recent developments in the fields of Photonics, and to celebrate NOICE, the newly established joint lab.


Get together (+coffee and cookies)

9:15 – 9:30


9:30 – 10:00

Maurizio De Rosa (INO-Napoli)

Frequency comb generation in quadratically nonlinear cavities

10:00 – 10:30

Ady Arie (TAU, EE)

Nonlinear hologram for spatial and spectral shaping

10:30 – 11:00

Pasquale Maddaloni (INO-Napoli)

Precision spectroscopy of buffer-gas-cooled molecular beams

11:00 – 11:15

Coffee Break

11:15 – 11:45

Oliver Morsch (INO-Pisa)

Robust and perfectly adiabatic control of two-level quantum systems

11:45 – 12:15

Haim Suchowski (TAU, Phys)

Octave spanning mid-IR pulses for near-field spectroscopy

12:15 – 12:45

Simone Borri (INO-Sesto and LENS)

Whispering gallery mode stabilization of quantum cascade lasers for infrared sensing and spectro`scopy

12:45 – 13:15

Alon Bahabad (TAU, EE)

Applications of optical super-oscillations

13:15– 14:30

Lunch Break

14:30 – 15:00

Gabriele Santambrogio (INRIM and LENS)

Cold molecules on a chip for precision frequency measurements

15:00– 15:30

Sharly Fleischer (TAU, Chem)

coherent radiative decay of molecular rotations

15:30 – 16:00

Francesco Cappelli (INO-Sesto and LENS)

Towards the full frequency stabilization of quantum cascade laser frequency combs for infrared metrology

16:00 – 16:30

Yael Roichman (TAU, Chem)

Dynamic photonic materials by holographic optical tweezers

16:30 – 16:45

Concluding Remarks

16:45 – 17:30

Wine and Cheese

Participation in this workshop is free of charge but advanced registration is required at : https://goo.gl/forms/uwXaiUKDLKf9YVJ13