Speaker - Ofer Bar-On PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Jacob Scheuer 

 Wednesday Jan 23rd , 2019, 13:00-14:00

Light refreshments and drinks will be served at 12:30

Auditorium 011, Engineering Class Room Building,  Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv University


Integrated photonic devices are of great importance in many fields such as communication, sensing, energy harvesting and more.

The integration of several optical components on a single chip can provide enhanced performances, offer new functionalities and reduce production prices. However, unlike integrated electronics which are realized almost entirely using a single material - silicon, integrated photonics still lack a 'golden standard' and are being implemented using a variety of platforms such as Si/SiO2, III-IV semiconductor, polymers, metals and more.

In this talk, I will introduce the concept of integrated optics based on soluble materials. Several examples of soluble materials with intriguing optical properties will be presented, specifically, light emitting metal-halide perovskites and highly transparent sol-gels. These materials are very attractive for active and passive integrated optical devices with diverse capabilities. However, their patterning is extremely challenging with standard lithography tools. I will show that these challenges can be met by employing nano imprint lithography (NIL) as a fabrication method. Using this approach these materials can be patterned with high resolution to yield high quality on-chip optical components. The successful realization of complex 3D geometries as well as structures with nanometer features using NIL will be presented. The fast and simple nature along with its capability to shape and form a variety of materials, render NIL highly useful for realizing new architectures as well as for rapid prototyping and mass production.

This large freedom in terms of geometry and choice of materials offers diverse possibilities for optical integrated circuits. The realization of various on-chip optical devices will be presented including waveguides, planar ring resonators, 3D WGR cavities, goblet lasers, DFB lasers and more.