New from Fleischer Lab:Echo Spectroscopy in Multilevel Quantum-Mechanical Rotors
Congratulations to Dina Rosenberg from Sharly Fleischer Lab for reciving the Raymond and Beverly Sackler scholarship

August 1st 2018:

Congratulations to Pavel Ginzburg for winning the ERC Starting Grant!

Congratulations to Jonathan Jeffet for winning the Azrieli PhD Fellowship!
New from Ebenstein Lab: Epigenetic Optical Mapping of 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine in Nanochannel Arrays

New from Schwartz Lab: Long-Distance Resonant Energy Transfer Mediated by Hybrid Plasmonic–Photonic Modes
New from Schwartz Lab:
Spatially resolved measurement of plasmon dispersion using Fourier-plane spectral imaging
New from Shaked Lab: Four dimensional phase unwrapping of dynamic objects in digital holography
New from Shaked Lab:
Integral refractive index imaging of flowing cell nuclei using quantitative phase microscopy combined with fluorescence microscopy
New from Shaked Lab: Simultaneous three-wavelength unwrapping using external digital holographic multiplexing module
New from Shaked Lab: 
Wafer defect detection by polarization insensitive external differential interference contrast moduleence contrast module
New from Shaked Lab: Single-exposure full-field multi-depth imaging using low-coherence holographic multiplexing
New from Shaked Lab:Simultaneous off-axis multiplexed holography and regular fluorescence microscopy of biological cells
New from Shaked Lab: Stain-free interferometric phase microscopy correlation with DNA fragmentation stain in human spermatozoa

New from Bahabad & Roichman Lab - חוקרים מתל אביב פיתחו משאבה אופטית


March 1st 2018:

New from Roichman Lab: Particle trapping and conveying using an optical Archimedes' screw
New from Roichman Lab: Non-diffracting beams for label-free imaging through turbid media

New from Schwartz Lab: Long-Range Transport of Organic Exciton-Polaritons Revealed by Ultrafast Microscopy

New from Ellenbogen Lab: Spectral shaping of lasing in vertically aligned coupled nanowire lasers
New from Ellenbogen and Schwartz Lab: Temporal Dynamics of Localized Exciton-Polaritons in Composite Organic-Plasmonic Metasurfaces
New from Ellenbogen Lab:  In-plane Detection of Guided Surface Plasmons for High Speed Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits
New from Ellenbogen and Suchowski Lab: Nonlinear Surface Lattice Resonance in Plasmonic Nanoparticle Arrays          
New from Ellenbogen Lab:.  Strong Electro-Optic Effect and Spontaneous Domain Formation in Self-Assembled Peptide Structures

New from Fleischer Lab: Rotational Echoes: rephasing of centrifugal distortion in laser-induced molecular alignment

New from Arie Lab: Observation of Linear Plasmonic Breathers and Adiabatic Elimination in a Plasmonic Multi-level Coupled System

New from Arie Lab: Fully controllable adiabatic geometric phase in nonlinear optics

New from Arie Lab: Experimental realization of structured super-oscillatory pulses

New from Malomed Lab: Single and double linear and nonlinear flatband chains: spectra and modes
New from Malomed Lab: Two-dimensional dipolar gap solitons in free space with spin-orbit coupling
New from Malomed Lab: Modulational instability in linearly coupled asymmetric dual-core fibers, Applied Sciences
New from Malomed Lab: Spin-orbit coupling and nonlinear modes of the polariton condensate in a harmonic trap
New from Malomed Lab: B. A. Malomed, Editorial, Appl. Sci. 7, 962 (2017) (Special Issue on " Guided-Wave Optics").
New from Malomed Lab: Polarization dynamics in twisted fiber amplifiers: A non-Hermitian nonlinear dimer model
New from Malomed Lab: Anisotropic semi-vortices in dipolar spinor condensates controlled by Zeeman splitting
New from Malomed Lab: Models of spin-orbit-coupled oligomers
New from Malomed Lab: Dissociation of one-dimensional matter-wave breathers due to quantum many-body effects
New from Malomed Lab: Magic tilt angle for stabilizing two-dimensional solitons by dipole-dipole interactions
New from Malomed Lab: Solitons of the coupled Schroedinger - Korteweg - de Vries system with arbitrary strengths of the nonlinearity and dispersion
New from Malomed Lab: Composite solitons in two-dimensional spin-orbit coupled self-attractive Bose-Einstein condensates in free space
New from Malomed Lab: Flipping-shuttle oscillations of bright one- and two-dimensional solitons in spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensates with Rabi mixing
New from Malomed Lab: Dipolar bright solitons and solitary vortices in a radial lattice
New from Malomed Lab:Two-dimensional solitons and quantum droplets supported by competing self- and cross-interactions in spin-orbit-coupled condensates
New from Malomed Lab: Exact states in waveguides with periodically modulated nonlinearity
New from Malomed Lab: Localized solutions of Lugiato-Lefever equations with focused pump
New from Malomed Lab: Stability of solitons in time-modulated two-dimensional lattices
New from Malomed Lab: Vortex lattices in binary Bose-Einstein condensates with dipole-dipole interactions
New from Malomed Lab: Continuous-wave solutions and modulational instability in spinor condensates of positronium.
New from Malomed Lab: One- and two-dimensional gap solitons in spin-orbit-coupled systems with Zeeman splitting
New from Malomed Lab: Excited states of two-dimensional solitons supported by the spin-orbit coupling and field-induced dipole-dipole repulsion
New from Malomed Lab: Surface modes in plasmonic Bragg fibers with negative average permittivity
New from Malomed Lab: Stabilization of the Peregrine soliton and Kuznetsov--Ma breathers by means of nonlinearity and dispersion management