School of Chemistry
Faculty of Exact Sciences

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Our group is involved in the characterization of nano-objects and in developing experimental methods for the detection and characterization of individual nano-objects.
Super resolution microscopy for the observation and chemical characterization of nano-objects and nanostructures. Special emphasis is made on label-free methods, avoiding the labeling of the objects with fluorescent dyes. The methods are well tailored for nano-material research.

We are making use of photo-induced thermal profiling to enhance resolution. The improvement of resolution stems from the nonlinear response of the reflectivity. 85nm resolution was achieved with a 800nm laser source. Development of methods to measure light absorption and light extinction in individual nano-objects and nanoparticles. A major goal in using this methods is the search for direct band gap photovoltaic materials. For instance, finding Ge/Si core multi-shells nanowires with enhanced photovoltaic yields in the infrared.