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Faculty of Exact Sciences

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The research in the Suchowski lab specializes in ultrafast phenomena at the nanoscale. Our research is focused on merging the extreme temporal resolution of few cycle mid-infrared ultrashort pulses with the extreme spatial resolution of near field microscopy (NSOM) in order to provide a window into spatio-temporal ultrafast dynamics nanoscale resolution.

In particular, we are interested in exploring the ultrafast hot electron dynamics and related nonlinear effects in plasmonic nano-structures and 2D materials. Our research is driven by the attempt to combine theoretical microscopic models with novel experimental measurement methods, which include: pulse-shaping based measurements, ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy, ultrashort light sources and near field microscopy. In addition, we are also interested in exploring geometric quantum coherent control schemes. The approach, which is based on continuous (Lie) group theory. Such methods have been harnessed in recent years to study control in many quantum and classical systems, such as nuclear magnetic resonance, optical spectroscopy, coherent control, solid state physics and frequency conversion.
Research interests in the Femto-Nano lab: Ultrafast phenomena at the nanoscale, nonlinear metamaterials, quantum coherent control, adiabatic dynamics, nonlinear optics.