rodriguez Letter from the Dean
Northwestern University School of Law

Northwestern Law School provides a comprehensive, rigorous academic program to enable students to meet the challenges of the modern global environment of law and business. Grounded in our extensive experience in international legal and business initiatives, Northwestern Law is singularly equipped to provide top instruction to exceptional students. As a leading U.S. law school with a peerless reputation for innovation, Northwestern Law has created a rich curriculum, led by a first-rate faculty, to provide students in our Executive LL.M. (ELLM) programs to gain the training they need to become world-class lawyers.

Our ELLM programs are tailored to the demands of the modern legal landscape. This landscape is an increasingly global one, requiring cross-cultural skills and transferable talents. Our faculty draws upon expertise from many different fields relevant to law; our programs are built around the basic insight that contemporary lawyers require education relevant to the increasingly international marketplace.

Northwestern Law seeks students with high academic credentials, work experience, and strong communications skills. We also look for students with the right combination of leadership skills and professional ambition. At Northwestern Law, we not train lawyers, but we train future leaders – leaders who will use their training and passion to improve the legal environment around the world. Students complete our ELLM programs with unparalleled knowledge and the ability to handle the legal and business problems in a changing world. They leave us with the equipment they need to become leading lawyers of the world.

I invite you to take a close look at Northwestern's graduate law program. It is a program with a legacy of success and of great reputation. And it builds on the Law School's stellar reputation as a top center for legal education in the service of the highest ideals of the profession.


Daniel Rodriguez
Dean and Professor of Law

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