De las realizaciones de los IAPs al fin de las utopías: Río de Janeiro y São Paulo (1930-1970)

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Aravecchia-Botas, N., & Veiga de Castro, A. (2019). De las realizaciones de los IAPs al fin de las utopías: Río de Janeiro y São Paulo (1930-1970). Estudios Interdisciplinarios De América Latina Y El Caribe, 29(1), 108-127. Retrieved from


The article seeks to understand the relationship between public housingand social thought on the urban question in Brazil. The main role of Riode Janeiro and São Paulo is recognized in this process. The first part presentsthe beginning of a developmentalist thought, identified in the Vargasperiod, whose exemplary manifestation would be the Realengo housingcomplex (1938-1943) built in Rio de Janeiro. Next, the permanence of thisdevelopment policy is examined in São Paulo, through the housing complexCecap (1967-1972). In our analysis of the peripheral urbanization of themetropolis of São Paulo –characterized by the lack of urban services andthe precariousness of built structures–, we take note of the ruptures that acriticism of public action and its developmentalist ideology would provokein social thought. This work aims to locate these critiques within a historicalperspective, considering that, from the 1970s ownard, these insights wouldprovide a reading of the urban that remains valid to this day.Keywords: Housing, State, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Public Housing

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