Edna Aizenberg: An Obituary for a Colleague and a Friend

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Rein, R. (2019). Edna Aizenberg: An Obituary for a Colleague and a Friend. Estudios Interdisciplinarios De América Latina Y El Caribe, 29(1), 128-129. Retrieved from http://www3.tau.ac.il/ojs/index.php/eial/article/view/1563


My most recent conversations with Edna revolved around Zionism, the fascinationof early Zionist leaders with the possibility of resettling Jews in Argentinaand, more specifically, Eshkol Nevo’s novel Neuland. The book’s protagonist isforced to leave his wife and daughter in order to fly to South America in searchof his father who has been reported missing. There, he meets with a womanwho has impulsively fled Israel due to a loveless relationship and the grief at theloss of her brother. The novel highlights Israelis searching for new meaning andexploring the meaning of homeland. Parts of our conversations are reflected inEdna’s most recent article, “Jewish Gauchos on the Mediterranean: How AlbertoGerchunoff Met Eshkol Nevo,” published posthumously in Chasqui: Revista deliteratura latinoamericana 47.1 (2018).

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