Significance Testing Harms Replicability Only if Misused

Yoav Benjamini, JSM August 2016


Lessons from replication studies about ways to increase replicability

Yoav Benjamini, IBC 2016



Inferring replicability from cochrane collaboration reviews

Daniel Yekutieli & Amis Saad, IBC 2016



Assessing replicability of findings across two studies of multiple features

Marina Bogomolov, IBC 2016


Statistical Challenges in Assessing and Fostering the Reproducibility of Scientific Results: Workshop Report

Micahel Schwalbe, 2016



Tukey’s two cornerstones of replicability

Yoav Benjamini, Princeton 2015




The Replicability Crisis In Science: it's not the p-values' fault

Talk at Sanger Institute, UK February 2016 

Version 2:  Boston College B , 2015

version 3:  Seattle, 2016


“Are most scientific discoveries false?”

A talk (in Hebrew) on the occasion of receiving the Israel Prize, 2012, Tel Aviv University.

“Are most research findings false?" 

Public Lecture on the occasion of the Multiple Comparison Procedures 2013 Conference, Southampton University.

"The Replicability Crisis in Science: It’s not the p-values’ fault"

A lecture on the occasion of JSM 2014 session, Boston, Massachusetts.


"Recent concerns about Reproducibility and Replicability: The Statistical Aspects"

A lecture on the occasion of JSM 2014 session, Boston, Massachusetts.


The Discoveries Industry and its error controlits error control

CFP – ILAIS 2015, June 29, Ono Academic College, Israel.