Title: Mathematical Methods of Modern Statistics

July 9 to July 14, 2017

Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM) in Marseille Luminy, France

For more information: http://scientific-events.weebly.com/1487.html

Speaker registration for Reproducibility of Research: Issues and Proposed Remedies

 March 8 to March 10, 2017

National Academy of Sciences, Washington, USA

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Past, Present and Future - Statistical Issues in Reproducibility

July 30 to August 4, 2016

McCormick Place, 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

More Information: https://www.amstat.org/meetings/jsm/2016/conferenceinfo.cfm

Organizer: Kristofer Jennings

Statistical assessment of the replicability of scientific results

10 - 15 July, 2016

Organizer: Ruth Heller

Topics covered and speakers/discussant:


1) Marina Bogomolov, Technion, Israel ``Discovering replicated findings across two studies of multiple features with control over false replicability claims".

2) Qunhua Li, Penn State University, USA ``A regression framework for assessing covariate effects on the reproducibility of high-throughput experiments".

3) Daniel Yekutieli, Tel-Aviv University, Israel ``Inferring predictive treatment effects from the Cochrane Collaboration reviews".

4) Yoav Benjamini, Tel-Aviv University, Israel. 

Statistical Challenges in Assessing and Fostering the Reproducibility of Scientific Results - Workshop

February 26-27, 2015

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

National Academy of Sciences building in Washington, D.C.

Summary of the Workshop

Replicability Conference, Tel Aviv 5-7.1.2015

Scientific Meeting:
Replicability and Reproducibility of Discoveries in Animal Phenotyping

Tel Aviv January 5-7, 2015

IBC  06-11.07.2014, Florence Italy

7.7.2014 Jonathan Rosenblatt will present voodoo correlations.

for more i nformation visit http://www.biometricsociety.org/2012/06/ibc2014/

OHBM Annual Meeting 8-12.6.2014 Hamburg, German

10-11.06.2014 Voodoo correlations will be presented by Jonathan Rosenblatt.

For more information visit http://www.humanbrainmapping.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageID=3565

 Discovery Science Conference 08-10.10.14 Slovenia

 Replicability in Measuring Behavior  27-29.08.2014 Wageningen

The upcoming Measuring Behavior conference will be held in the city of Wageningen from 27-29 August 2014. In this frame, a symposium about the Replicability of Measuring Behavior will be organised by Ilan Golani and Neri Kakafi, Tel Aviv University.

 JSM Session 2-7.08.2014 Boston

Session outline:

  Wed, 8/6/2014, 10:30 AM - 12:20 PM  
Late-Breaking Session II: Recent Concerns About Reproducibility and Replicability: The Statistical Aspects — Invited Special Presentation
ASA ENAR IMS SSC WNAR International Chinese Statistical Association International Indian Statistical Association Korean International Statistical Society International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) Royal Statistical Society , Statistics Without Borders
Organizer(s): Philip B. Stark, University of California
Chair(s): Victoria Stodden , Columbia University
10:35 AM Tracking to Ground the Causes of Irreproducibility: Some Challenges — Marcia McNutt, American Association for the Advancement of Science
11:00 AM Reproducibility and the Scientific Method — Philip B. Stark, University of California
11:25 AM The Replicability Crisis in Science: It's Not the P-values' Fault — Yoav Benjamini, Tel Aviv University
11:50 AM Assessing Replicability Across Studies: The R-Value — Ruth Heller, Tel Aviv University ; Yoav Benjamini, Tel Aviv University ; Marina Bogomolov, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
12:15 PM Floor Discussion