Software for smoothing and extracting behavioral measures from tracked mouse data. Software webpage.

  • Drai, Dan, and Ilan Golani. "SEE: a tool for the visualization and analysis of rodent exploratory behavior." Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 25.5 (2001): 409-426. link to paper.


Web application for hierarchical weighted FDR testing of primary and secondary endpoints in Medical Research. link to application.
by Rami Cohen, Shay Yaacoby and Yoav Benjamini.


Web application for FDR testing for replicability in primary and follow-up endpoints. link to application.
by Ruth Heller, Shay Yaacoby, Marina Bogomolov and Yoav Benjamini.

  • Heller, Ruth, Marina Bogomolov, and Yoav Benjamini. "Deciding whether follow-up studies have replicated findings in a preliminary large-scale omics study." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111.46 (2014): 16262-16267. link to paper.

GxL Replicability Adjuster

Web application for replicability assessment of single lab mouse phenotyping results. link to application.
by Shay Yaacoby, Neri Kafkafi and Yoav Benjamini.


R package for estimating Bayes and local Bayes false discovery rates for replicability analysis. CRAN

  • Ruth Heller, Shay Yaacoby, and Daniel Yekutieli. "repfdr: a tool for replicability analysis for genome-wide association studies." Bioinformatics(2014): btu434. link to paper.


R package for post-selection confidence intervals. on Github.

  • Weinstein, Asaf, William Fithian, and Yoav Benjamini. "Selection adjusted confidence intervals with more power to determine the sign." Journal of the American Statistical Association 108.501 (2013): 165-176. link to paper.
  • Benjamini, Yoav, and Daniel Yekutieli. "False discovery rate–adjusted multiple confidence intervals for selected parameters." Journal of the American Statistical Association 100.469 (2005): 71-81. link to paper.


R package: Finding the prevalence of activation in fMRI group studies. Tutorial

  • Rosenblatt, Jonathan D., Matthijs Vink, and Yoav Benjamini. "Revisiting multi-subject random effects in fMRI: Advocating prevalence estimation."NeuroImage 84 (2014): 113-121. link to paper.


R package: Functions and methods for extending dendrogram objects in R. CRAN.
by Tal Galili.