The workshop on Semiconductors,
Electronic Materials, Thin Films and Photonic Materials
February 22-25, 2015

TAU-NU Workshop Program

The first two days will consist of scientific presentations and intensive discussions, which are anticipated to initiate new collaborations. Attendance is restricted to invited professors from both universities.

The third day (Tuesday, February 24th) will consist of tutorials for and poster presentations by graduate and postdoctoral students from all over Israel. Admission is free, but early online registration by February 19th is mandatory! Entrance will not be allowed if early registration was not completed! See program and access the forms through the top menu bar.

The fourth day will be dedicated to a guided tour to Jerusalem, allowing the NU attendees to get acquainted with the beauty of Jerusalem, its unique atmosphere, and the culture of Israel. This day will also provide a unique opportunity for private interaction between potential collaborators from NU and TAU.

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Sightseeing in Tel Aviv




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