The X-ray diffraction laboratory is equipped with a Bruker D8 DISCOVER diffractometer.

This is a modular diffractometer with high flexibility in optic and detector set-up. The large radius of the goniometer circle (430 mm) allows a high grade of angle resolution.The LYNXEYE Linear detector is a very fast detector with a high capacity to discriminate the Kα from the flourecence and the Kβ.



The main features of this instrument are:

  • source: Cu or Cr X-ray tube with fix anode
  • goniometer radius: 430 mm
  • beam type: divergent beam (Bragg-Bentano geometry), linear parallel beam (Goebel mirror), round parallel beam (polycapillary)
  • Eulerian cradle: x, y, z, Psi, Phi motion
  • sample holder: flat plate, wafer chuck, zero background sample holder, rotating capillary, in-vacuum sample holder
  • detector: point detector, linear detector LYNXEYE XE