Head of the Laboratory: Dr. George Levi. Office: +972-3-640-9205. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The laboratory main goal is to produce bulk sectioned specimens for analytical investigation purposes.

The laboratory utilizes high precision tools for the mechanically cutting, grinding and polishing of a wide range of solid materials. Thinned specimens are brought to electron transparency using a precision ion polishing system.

For further information including how to get access to the Lab tools please, contact the Lab Manager.


Buehler IsoMet Low Speed Saw

  • 3-5” outer diameter ½” inner diameter saws
  • May slice samples up to 1” in diameter with a precision of ±10 µm

buehler ecomet

Buehler Ecomet 3 Polisher

  • 8” polishing platen
  • Variable speed
  • Parallel and wedge polishing (manual)
  • TEM samples pre-thinning


Gatan Dimple Grinder Model 656

  • Creates circular dimples in flat specimens
  • TEM samples pre-thinning to ~20 µm


Gatan Precision Ion Polishing System Model 691

·         TEM samples final thinning to electron-transparency

·         Routinely operated at 3-5 kV

·         Single and dual modulation for controlled sectorial thinning

·         Cold trap for enhanced vacuum during milling