Zahava BarkaySenior Scientist, head of the SEM and ESEM laboratories

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Telephone: 03-640-7818
Room 104


Dr. Zahava Barkay received the Ph.D. degree in Physics from Tel-Aviv University at 1994. She joined the Wolfson Applied Materials Center (WAMRC) leading the field of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) in parallel to her post-doctoral research scholarship. At 1998 she established the SPM (scanning probe microscopy) lab at the WAMRC and researched in both the SEM and SPM labs. Since 2001 she was also in charge of the high resolution scanning electron microscope (HRSEM) lab. At 2005 she established the environmental scanning electron microscope (ESEM) lab and since then she is in charge of this lab in addition to the SEM lab. Dr. Barkay is continuously training graduate students for SEM research and guides Master thesis projects. Since 2003 she teaches the graduate SEM course at the Engineering department at Tel-Aviv University.

Dr. Barkay's research fields and collaborations are currently focused on electron microscopy using various kinds of materials (ceramic high Tc superconductors, metallic compounds, semiconductors as well as biological and polymer materials) in form of bulk and low dimensional structures. Her electron microscopy research topics are:

  • Theory and simulation of electron-specimen interaction using Monte-Carlo simulation for reflected and transmitted electrons.
  • Wettability research using ESEM in reflected and transmission modes; triple line and contact angle, nano-droplet nucleation, dynamics and coalescence on various surfaces including self-supported thin films.
  • Voltage contrast in SEM including doping contrast in semiconductor junctions and quantum well devices.
  • Cathodoluminescence research in SEM on selected materials and geometries.
  • Micro-analysis and thin film analysis by energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS).
  • Nano-scale crystallography using electron backscattered diffraction (EBSD) and transmission Kikuchi diffraction (TKD).

Dr. Barkay holds 97 refereed journal publications and book chapters and she is active in local as well as international conferences with 60 contributions including invited talks. She has been a member in a few internal TAU committees (for purchase of SPM, HRSEM, ESEM, FIB) and holds membership in external committees (ISM, IVS, EMS, MSA). Dr. Barkay is an active committee member of the Israel Society of Microscopy (ISM) and has been a treasurer of the ISM (2012-2016). Her recent research activity, using transmission electrons under wet ESEM conditions, was acknowledged by Microscopy Society of America with the MSA2012 lecture award. Her scientific research along the years was awarded by the Israel Vacuum Society (IVS) with the IVS2015 surface science expertise award.

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Updated 11/1/18