Tel Aviv University is one, from several, research teams, laboratories, establishments, and companies with the ability to claim positive responsiveness in the face of modern day technilogical challenges. In an attempt to help share the collective knowledge, a project consisting of three European and six Israeli universities (along with an aditional two external companies/research facilities), is accumulating source material in order to share infrastructural, technological, and developmental resources. This project, which is based on ECTS, will be used towards the corresponding partners' training programs in various nanotechnologies. 


At first, all participating universities will share their individual infrastructures between each other. This way, they will have viewing/learning access to various technological and human resources from their partnered universities. Each university will recognise the common certified modules, collectively; however, the individual university will keep its autonomy regarding national diploma delivery. During the second project year, we hope to being the implementation of joint courses between universities. As a result we hope that the project as a whole will adopt a collaborative tone as part of its regular educational practice.  



Our goals are:

  • To design syllabi, course content, and provide assessment for regular and continuing education courses in nanotechnologies.
  • To meet the user needs and to determine the credits for each course unit, based on ECTS.
  • To select innovative content for the defined learning outcomes.
  • Recording lectures and practical work in the high-tec laboratories of partner institutions.
  • To adapt/develop new e-learning courses with modular structure for the innovated curricula of partner universities.
  • To establish a platform and procedures for knowledge sharing inside Israeli academy, industry, and for the students.
  • To perform a pilot test.
  • To start the implementation of the joint modules/courses delivery as soon as possible.

Target Groups:

The groups/individuals we hope to see the most benifit from this joint effort will be:

  • University Students,
  • Teachers At VET Schools,
  • Professionals From SMEs In Nanotechnologies.

Main Activities:

We will be focusing much of our energy and attention on:

  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance & Evaluation
  • Needs Based Analysis
  • Instructional Design
  • E-Learning Courses Development
  • Implementation, Piloting, & Testing
  • Dissemination