Editors: Prof. Meira Polliack and Prof. Yoram Erder
Research Assistant: Mr. Roni Cohen

The purpose of this anthology is to present the Israeli reader – for the first time – with a corpus of Karaite literature reflecting its great richness. The Karaites made a considerable contribution to Jewish literature with their biblical commentaries and translations, the Masoretic Text, theology, Hebrew grammar and more. This prolific range of materials is not currently accessible to most people, even those in the field. The majority of these sources are manuscripts, most of which are written in Judaeo-Arabic. Therefore, this book will be of great significance in bringing Karaite literature into Israeli discourse.

In order to prepare this anthology, the editors turned to the best scholars in the field – both in Israel and abroad – and requested that they each select the texts related to their research and expertise. These scholars were asked to provide introductions to each text that would clarify the Karaite background and influence on the subject. The majority of scholars have already provided their articles and introductions, and in the coming months the editors anticipate receiving the still-outstanding materials.

Prof. Polliack and Prof. Erder have written an initial version of the extensive introduction to the volume, but their main focus this year has been the final editing of all the texts. They anticipate that the editing of the book will be completed by October 2017 and that it will be published in early 2018.


Yoram Erder, “Early Karaites on the Day of the Week on Which the Tabernacle was Erected in the Light of the Discussion on the First Time the Shewbread Was Set Out”, Ginzei Qedem, volume 12 (2016), pp. 33–51.

Yoram Erder, book review of Meira Polliack and Eliezer Schlossberg’s Perush Yefet Ben ‘Ali le-Sefer Hoshe’a, Bar-Ilan 2009, Cathedra, volume 158 (2016), pp. 186–191.


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