Understanding how light interacts with matter has been the driving force behind numerous scientific breakthroughs throughout history in areas ranging from astrophysics and quantum physics to medicine and technology. The ever-growing development of new physical concepts continues to inspire multi-disciplinary scientific progress and revolutionary applications.

Recognizing the impact of this field on humanity and the potential for future scientific development, Tel Aviv University launched the Center for Light-Matter interaction (LMI), taking advantage of the critical mass of its researchers specializing in different aspects of this rapidly evolving research field. The LMI center brings together scientists having a broad range of expertise and backgrounds, including Physics, Chemistry and Electrical and Biomedical Engineering.

The primary goal of the Center for Light-Matter Interaction is to provide a unified and dedicated platform for researchers and students from different areas, for supporting interdisciplinary research using state-of-the-art equipment and to promote high-level academic training in optical sciences in Tel Aviv University. The center holds bi-weekly seminars and annual workshops as a framework for transforming and exchanging knowledge between member groups and expanding synergetic collaborations within the center, as well as national and international collaborations. By this, the LMI center will foster cutting-edge research, and will pave the way toward new scientific discoveries and innovative applications.

Within the framework of the LMI center our research is focused on nano-photonics (metamaterials, plasmonic nanostructures and hybrid materials), light-matter interaction at the ultrafast, strong-field regime, and development of novel optical manipulation and optical microscopy methods for material sciences and medical diagnostics.

The LMI center currently includes 15 research groups and it is directed by its steering committee:

Prof. Ady Arie (Head of the LMI center)
Prof. Yael Roichman
Dr. Tal Schwartz
Prof. Haim Suchowski
Prof. Tal Ellenbogen