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Utilizing Self-Immolative ATRP Initiators To Prepare StimuliResponsive Polymeric Films from Nonresponsive Polymers

Peles-Strahl, Leigh; Sasson, Revital; Slor, Gadi; Edelstein-Pardo, Nicole; Dahan, Adi*; Amir, Roey J.*

Macromolecules (2019), 52, 3268-3277.


Mixing End Groups in Thiol-Ene/Yne Reactions as a Simple Approach toward Multienzyme-Responsive Polymeric Amphiphiles

Harnoy, Assaf J.; Papo, Nitsan; Slor, Gadi; Amir, Roey J.*

Synlett (2018), 29(19): 2582-2587.

This article is part of a special Cluster: Synthesis of Materials by guest editor: Timothy M. Swager


Tuning the molecular weight of polymeric amphiphiles as a tool to access micelles with a wide range of enzymatic degradation rates

Slor, Gadi; Papo, Nitsan; Hananel, Uri; Amir, Roey J.*

Chemical Communications (2018), 54, 6875-6878.

This article is part of themed collection: 2018 Emerging Investigators


A microfluidic chip containing multiple 3D nanofibrous scaffolds for culturing human pluripotent stem cells

Wertheim, Lior; Shapira, Assaf; Amir, Roey J.; Dvir, Tal*

Nanotechnology (2018), 29, 13LT01.


Micellar stability in biological media dictates internalization in living cells

Feiner-Gracia, Natalia; Buzhor Marina; Fuentes, Edgar; Pujals, Silvia; Amir, Roey J.*; Albertazzi, Lorenzo*

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2017), 139, 16677-16687.

Highlighted in JACS Spotlight: Synthesis Meets Biology in New Dendron Research StudySynthesis Meets Biology in New Dendron Research Study.

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2017), 139 (48), pp 17199-17200. 


Reversible dimerization of polymeric amphiphiles acts as a molecular switch of enzymatic degradability

Rosenbaum, Ido; Avinery, Ram; Harnoy, Assaf J.; Slor, Gadi; Tirosh, Einat; Hananel, Uri; Beck, Roy; Amir, Roey J.*

Biomacromolecules (2017), 18, 3457-3468.

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A modular synthetic approach for adjusting the disassembly rates of enzyme-responsive polymeric micelles

Harnoy, Assaf J.; Buzhor Marina; Tirosh, Einat; Shaharabani, Rona;  Beck, Roy; Amir, Roey J.*

Biomacromolecules (2017), 18, 1218-1228.


Molecular precision and enzymatic degradation: from readily to undegradable polymeric micelles by minor structural changes

Segal, Merav; Avinery, Ram; Buzhor Marina; Shaharabani, Rona; Harnoy, Assaf J.; Tirosh, Einat; Beck, Roy; Amir, Roey J.*

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2017), 139, 803-810.

29 The effect of photoisomerization on the enzymatic hydrolysis of polymeric micelles bearing photo-responsive azobenzene groups at their cores

Harnoy, Assaf. J.; Slor, Gadi; Tirosh, Einat; Amir, Roey J.*

Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2016), 14, 5813-5819.

This article is part of themed collection: New Talent 2016

28 Fluorinated Smart Micelles as Enzyme-responsive Probes for 19F-Magnetic Resonance

Buzhor, Marina; Avram, Liat; Frish, Limor; Cohen, Yoram; Amir, Roey J.*

Journal of Materials Chemistry B (2016), 4, 3037-3042.

This article is part of themed collections: Emerging Investigators 2016: Novel design strategies for new functional materials and 2016 Journal of Materials Chemistry B Hot Papers


Enzyme-Responsive PEG-Dendron Hybrids as Platform for Smart Nanocarriers

Amir, Roey J.*

Synlett (2015), 26 (19), 2617-2622.


Supramolecular translation of enzymatically triggered disassembly of micelles into tunable fluorescent responses

Buzhor, Marina; Harnoy, Assaf J.; Tirosh, Einat; Barak, Ayana; Schwartz, Tal; Amir, Roey J.*

Chemistry - A European Journal (2015), 21, 15633–15638.


Encapsulation and covalent binding of molecular payload in enzymatically activated micellar nanocarriers

Rosenbaum, Ido; Harnoy, Assaf J.; Tirosh, Einat; Buzhor Marina; Segal, Merav; Frid, Liat; Shaharabani, Rona; Avinery, Ram; Beck, Roy; Amir, Roey J.*

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2015), 137, 2276-2284.


Conjugated oligomers incorporating azulene building blocks - seven- vs. five-​membered ring connectivity

Amir, Elizabeth; Murai, Masahito; Amir, Roey J.; Cowart, John S. Jr.; Chabinyc, Michael L.; Hawker, Craig J.

Chemical Science (2014), 5(11),4483-4489.


Breakdown of Interference Rules in Azulene, a Nonalternant Hydrocarbon

Xia, Jianlong; Capozzi, Brian; Wei, Sujun; Strange, Mikkel; Batra, Arunabh; Moreno, Jose R.; Amir, Roey J.; Amir, Elizabeth; Solomon, Gemma C.; Venkataraman, Latha, Campos, Luis, M.

Nano Letters (2014), 14, 2941-2945.

Highlighted in Nature Nanotechnology: Azulene challenges the rules.


Enzyme-Responsive Amphiphilic PEG-Dendron Hybrids and Their Assembly into Smart Micellar Nanocarriers

Harnoy, Assaf J.; Rosenbaum, Ido; Tirosh, Einat; Ebenstein, Yuval; Shaharabani, Rona; Beck, Roy; Amir, Roey J.*

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2014), 136, 7531-7534.

JACS-cover-final 300

Highlighted in JACS Spotlight: Enzymes Break It Down for Drug Delivery.

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2014), 136 (21), pp 7517–7518. 

21 Enhanced Bioactivity of Internally Functionalized Cationic Dendrimers with PEG Cores. 
Albertazzi, Lorenzo; Mickler, Frauke M.; Pavan, Giovanni M.; Salomone, Fabrizio; Bardi, Giuseppe; Panniello, Mariangela; Amir, Elizabeth; Kang, Taegon; Killops, Kato L.; Brauchle, Christoph; Amir, Roey J.*; Hawker, Craig J.*
Biomacromolecules (2012), 13, 4089-4097.
20 Azulene-based conjugated polymers: unique seven-membered ring connectivity leading to stimuli responsiveness.
Murai, Masahito; Amir, Elizabeth; Amir, Roey J.; Hawker, Craig J.

Chemical Science (2012), 3 (9), 2721-2725.
19 Biodegradable, multi-layered coatings for controlled release of small molecules.
Amir, Elizabeth; Antoni, Per; Campos, Luis M.; Damiron,Denis; Gupta, Nalini; Amir, Roey J.; Pesika, Noshir; Drockenmuller, Eric; Hawker, Craig J.

Chemical Communications (2012), 48, 4833-4835.
18 Effect of precursor chain-length on the formation and stability of poly(ethylene glycol)-based supramolecular star polymers.
Gadwal, Ikhlas; De, Swati; Stuparu, Mihaiela C.; Jang, Se Gyu; Amir, Roey J.; Khan, Anzar.

Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry (2012), 50(12), 2415-2420.
17 Supramolecular star polymers with compositional heterogeity.
Gadwal, Ikhlas; De, Swati; Stuparu, Mihaiela C.; Amir, Roey J.; Jang, Se Gyu; Khan, Anzar.

Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry (2012), 50(9), 1844-1850.
16 Encoded Dendrimers with Defined Chiral Composition via 'Click' Reaction of Enantiopure Building Blocks.
Yeniad, Bahar; Naik, Hemantkumar; Amir, Roey J.; Koning, Cor E.; Hawker, Craig J.; Andreas, Heise.

Chemical Communications (2011), 47, 9870-9872.
15 Stimuli-Responsive Azulene-Based Conjugated Oligomers with Polyaniline-like Properties.
Amir, Elizabeth; Amir, Roey J.; Campos, Luis M.; Hawker, Craig J.

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2011), 133 (26), 10046-10049.
14 Multi-functional Trackable Dendritic Scaffolds and Delivery Agents.
Amir, Roey J.; Albertazzi, Lorenzo; Willis, Jenny; Kang, Taegon; Khan, Anzar; Hawker, Craig J.
Angewandte Chemie, International Edition (2011), 50 (15), 3425-3429.
13 Rapid Synthesis of Block and Cyclic Copolymers via Click Chemistry in the Presence of Copper Nanoparticles.
Pressly, Eric D.; Amir, Roey J.; Hawker, Craig J. 
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry (2011), 49 (3), 814-819.
12 Facile Access to Internally Functionalized Dendrimers through Efficient and Orthogonal Click Reactions.
Kang, Taegon; Amir, Roey J.; Khan, Anzar; Ohshimizu, Kaoru; Hunt, Jasmine N.; Sivanandan, Kulandaivelu; Montanez, Maria I.; Malkoch, Michael; Ueda, Mitsuru; Hawker, Craig J. 
Chemical Communications (2010), 46 (9), 1556-1558.
11 Enzymatically Triggered Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers.
Amir, Roey, J.*; Zhong, Sheng; Pochan, Darrin, J.; Hawker, Craig, J.* 
Jouranl of the American Chemical Society (2009), 131 (39), 13949-13951.
10 Free Radical Polymers with Tunable and Selective Bio- and Chemical Degradability.
Paulusse, Jos M.J.; Amir, Roey J.; Evans, Richard A.; Hawker, Craig J. 
Jouranl of the American Chemical Society (2009), 131 (28), 9805-9812.
9 Substituent-Dependent Disassembly of Self-Immolative Dendrimers.
Perry, Rotem; Amir, Roey J.; Shabat, Doron. 
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8 Receiver-Amplifier, Self-Immolative Dendritic Device.
Amir, Roey J.; Danieli, Eyal; Shabat, Doron. 
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7 Domino Dendrimers.
Amir, Roey J.; Shabat, Doron.
In Polymer Therapeutics: Polymers as Drugs, Conjugates and Gene Delivery Systems. Ed. : Ruth Duncan, Helmut Ringsdorf and Ronit Satchi-Fainaro. Advances in Polymer Sciences (2006), 192, 59-94.
6 Prodrug Activation Gated by a Molecular OR Logic Trigger.
Amir, Roey J.; Popkov, Mikhail; Lerner, Richard A.; Barbas III, Carlos F.; Shabat, Doron. 
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5 Some New Aspects of Dendrimer Applications.
Flomenbom, Ophir; Amir, Roey J.; Shabat, Doron; Klafter, Joseph. 
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Chemical Adaptor Systems.

Shabat, Doron; Amir, Roey J.; Gopin, Anna; Pessah, Neta; Shamis, Marina. 
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3 Self-Immolative Dendrimer Biodegradability by Multi-Enzymatic Triggering.
Amir, Roey J.; Shabat, Doron. 

Chemical Communications (2004), 14, 1614-1615.
2 Self-Immolative Dendrimers.
Amir, Roey J.; Pessah, Neta; Shamis, Marina; Shabat, Doron.

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1 Hydrolytically Activated Etoposide Prodrugs Inhibit MDR-1 Function and Eradicate Established MDR-1 Multidrug-Resistant T-cell Leukemia.
Schroeder, Ulrike; Bernt, Kathrin M.; Lange, Bjoern; Wenkel, Jens; Jikai, Jiang; Shabat, Doron; Amir, Roey; Huebener, Nicole; Niethammer, Andreas G.; Hagemeier, Christian; Wiebusch, Lueder; Gaedicke, Gerhard; Wrasidlo, Wolfgang; Reisfeld, Ralph A.; Lode, Holger N.

Blood (2003), 102 (1), 246-253.

Review articles and book chapters

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2 Dendrimer - Based Devices: Antennae and Amplifiers.
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Patent applications

2 Multi-Triggered Self-Immolative Dendritic Compounds, Their Preparation, Compositions Acted Upon by Logic Gate, and Use.
Amir, Roey J.; Shabat, Doron. 
U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. US 2006269480 (2006), 57pp.
1 Self-Immolative Dendrimers Releasing Many Active Moieties Upon a Single Activating Event.
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